Why isn't my PSIO Cartridge working?

We test each and every single PSIO Cartridge that we ship, so if your cartridge refuses to boot the first and foremost common issue is because the Switch Board has not been installed correctly or it has been done poorly. Generally, a lot of users say they've installed the Switch Board correctly but in reality it has not due to poor soldering, poorly cut traces or bad solder connections to scraped vias. Be sure to triple check and test each connection using a multi-meter in diode or continuity mode and to follow the install guides properly. You will typically know the Switch Board is working correctly when if there is no CD-ROM present in your console, it will boot to the BIOS and if there is a CD-ROM present it will actually boot from the game disc.

The second problem is usually because the "Parallel I/O" port on your PlayStation is either corroded or dirty. These ports never got used (unless you had a Game Shark, etc) since Sony never made any genuine peripherals for it. For the parallel port to make a good connection with your PSIO Cartridge it must be in good condition. To achieve a good connection, you can use a toothbrush with isopropyl alcohol to clean it. You don't want to brush it side-to-side since that won't do much but instead insert the bristles and flick the brush outwards. Once that has been done, you can try to unplug and re-plug your PSIO Cartridge several times (please read the Systems Manual on how to correctly remove PSIO) which helps 'strike' the pins using friction on both devices to help establish a good connection.

If that still doesn't work, you can try ejecting and reinserting the SD Card several times as well, ensuring it clicks all the way down in order to 'strike' the pins. If you are still having trouble getting PSIO to boot you can try to contact us to send your PSIO Cartridge back to us for diagnosis. If your unit is under warranty and found to be faulty, we will replace it. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.

Why is my game is randomly freezing when I play it?

If your software freezes, be sure to try different EXTDSP modes in the 'Options' screen in the Menu System and also remember to check whether your game requires a LibCrypt patch. The Menu System will check that for you, but you may also check that yourself by using

If your software does use LibCrypt, it must be patched using “PPF O MATIC” patches which can be applied to your image in our 'Systems Console' program. More information can be found here.

If your game still freezes, you can try cleaning the "Parallel I/O" port as described above. If the problem persists you can send us a bug report so we can take a look into it. If the problem takes place later in gameplay you can also send us your Memory Card save (TBD 2023) so we can load your save and resume from your section of the game to properly re-create the issue.

How do I download the Menu System or Firmware(s) for my cartridge?

Please login to your account via the 'My Account' which can be found on the 'Support' page and then go to the registrations tab.

How can I download the Switch Board installation guides and Systems Console program?

Please login to your account via the 'My Account' which can be found on the 'Support' page and then go to the downloads tab.

Why does the Systems Console program crash when I try to use it?

Please see here.

What PlayStation models are compatible with PSIO?

The models listed below are compatible with PSIO. Anything else will not work since they do not have a parallel port. Note that debugging units (IE: DTL-XXXX) will work too so long as they have a parallel port.

  • SCPH-1000, SCPH-1001, SCPH-1002,
  • SCPH-3000, SCPH-3500,
  • SCPH-5000, SCPH-5001,
  • SCPH-5500, SCPH-5501, SCPH-5502, SCPH-5503,
  • SCPH-5552,
  • SCPH-5903,
  • SCPH-7000, SCPH-7001, SCPH-7002, SCPH-7003,
  • SCPH-7500, SCPH-7501, SCPH-7502, SCPH-7503.

Is there anything I should know before ordering a PSIO cartridge?

  • Be sure to read our FAQ. It contains many important and common questions that have been answered already.
  • You must have a PlayStation 1 with a "Parallel Port I/O" connector.
  • A Switch Board must be soldered correctly to your PlayStation 1 mainboard in order for PSIO to work correctly.
  • Your PlayStation 1 must have a good quality Parallel Port with no corrosion or visible damage.
  • Failure to install the Switch Board correctly will render your PSIO cartridge useless, and possible bus contention whilst attempting to run PSIO without a Switch Board can cause damage to your PlayStation 1.

What should I do when I receive my cartridge?

  • Before plugging in your PSIO cartridge, you must have the Switch Board installed as mentioned in the included "Quick Start Guide".
  • Once that is done, you may copy software to your SD card within folders/directories. EG: [SD:\Folder\GAME.ISO]
  • Next, copy the MENU.SYS file to the root of the SD Card.
  • Lastly, power on your PlayStation 1. As long as the Switch Board was installed correctly, your cartridge will boot on your console.
  • For detailed instructions with a full comprehensive list of explanations, please see the "Quick Start Guide", and also the "Systems Manual" PDF here.

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