You're going to love the stuff we've packed into the box

Adiós CD-ROM

Instead of loading your games from the obsolete CD-ROM drive, PSIO allows you to load your PlayStation games from an SD Card ranging anywhere from 8 GB all the way up to 2 TB. Since there are no moving parts in PSIO and everything is digital, games play more reliably than ever before. Along with better load times, music and video playback in games is completely skip-free which was a major issue on the console

SD Cards can also be 'hot-swapped' within the Menu System which lets you span your game library across multiple cards for better organisation

External Overview

Custom designed ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) injection moulded case with a screwless and virtually seamless design which has the iconic PlayStation ‘Gun Metal Grey’ colour finish

Along with the PSIO Cartridge, we include a full colour box with a PET (PolyEthylene Terephthalate) insert to house the cartridge and removed 'Parallel I/O' port cover from your console, Switch Board Kit and Quick Start Guide

Internal Overview

Powered by a dedicated ARM Cortex M3 microcontroller (MCU) and Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) integrated circuit

Professionally designed in-house Printed Circuit Board (PCB) with a slick black silkscreen by Cybdyn Systems. No external power supply is needed as PSIO is powered entirely via the PlayStation Parallel I/O port

Dedicated MCU

High Quality Components

Passively Cooled

Dedicated FPGA

Interlocking SD Card Connector

Gold-Plated Parallel Port Connector

The Printed Circuit Board is subject to design changes at any given time

USB Connectivity

Each PSIO Cartridge has a USB port which can be used to stream games from your Windows PC or be used for PlayStation development (which includes debugging) via our 'Systems Console' development program (TBD 2024)

If you have always been interested in making your own games or software on your PlayStation, it has never been easier thanks to the PSn00bSDK by Jobert Villamor (LameGuy64)

Stream Games via USB

PS-EXE Uploading (TBD 24)

CU2 Sheet Generation

Download PlayStation Memory (TBD 24)

Upload PlayStation Memory (TBD 24)

MIPS R3000 Debugger (TBD 24)

0 %

High Compatibility and Reliability

We have reached 99.91% game compatibility* with the PlayStation software library and we are constantly striving to improve this percentage

With the addition of solid state media taking over the optical data streaming side in the PlayStation, games are much more stable and less prone to skipping

*please check here for the list of currently reported issues

Menu System

The most polished, refined and sophisticated menu on the flashcart market right at your fingertips

Written from the ground up in C and MIPS Assembly code specially for the PlayStation, it is loaded with incredibly useful tools and features

Game Selection & Execution

Custom Wallpapers

Music & SFX

Console Diagnostics

Title Searching

Game Cover Art

Additional Awesomesauce

Along with free firmware updates which are locally upgradeable (with no special cables or dongles required), the ability to also opt-in to become a BETA tester, load your software images instantly with no ‘Copy to Memory’ routines (unlike other flashcarts on the market), the ability to simply eject and re-insert your SD Card to select a new multidisc title and high quality crystal clear redbook audio streamed and processed by PSIO directly to your PlayStation, PSIO is packed full of features (with additional features able to be added in new updates)

Firmware Updates

Free firmware updates with no additional hardware required

Multi-Disc Support

You can play and swap multidisc titles on your cartridge

No Memory Copying

Games are loaded via a direct data bus stream

Redbook Audio

Compact Disc Digital Audio and eXtended Architecture are supported

Core Features Overview

A concatenated list of the core features

Loads disc images from an SD Card

Supports SD Cards ranging anywhere in between from 8 GB (SDHC) to 512+ GB (SDXC)

Supports hot swapping of SD Cards within the Menu System

Easily select software using a clean, simple and functional Menu System design

Software images load instantly with no ‘Copy to Memory’ routines unlike other Flashcarts

Compatible with 99% of all software titles (problematic titles listed here)

All firmwares are locally upgradeable (no special cables or dongles are required)

To select a new software image, simply hit ‘Reset’ on the console and re-select an image from the Menu System

Supports ‘Multi-Disc’ titles

Supports Compact Disc Digital Audio (CDDA) and eXtended Architecture (XA) channels

Supports loading of disc images via USB (Windows only)

A Switch Board kit is included free with each cartridge purchase (wire and label also included)

Supports BIN, ISO and IMG files

Supports automatic saved game data loading from the ‘MemCard Pro’

Extremely powerful debugging abilities for developers (TBD 2024)

Supports real-time disassembly and debugging of PlayStation machine code (TBD 2024)

Future additional features can be added and problems detected can be fixed due to the endless update abilities of PSIO

Menu System Features Overview

A concatenated list of the Menu System features

Smooth, easy to use Menu System with many useful shortcuts and options

Clean simple layout combined with both 2D and 3D graphics

Can display custom ‘Cover Art’ images for software titles

Can display custom background wallpaper images

Supports switching of video modes in real-time

Real-time sound effects and background music

Multiple colour selector bar options

Built-in search function

Allows either classic western or Japanese PlayStation button navigation

Dynamic or automatic detection of the ‘HC05’ license type

Displays advanced PlayStation information such as the BIOS type and checksum

Enables Fastboot support (skipping of the Sony BIOS for quick boot times)

Allows booting of original discs from the CD-ROM drive

Supports full custom centring of the screen position

Dynamic pop-up animations

Takes advantage of ‘DUAL-SHOCK’ controllers and vibrates whilst navigating

Supports daisy-chained controllers via the ‘Multi-Tap’ adapter peripheral

Supports DUAL SHOCK and Multi-Tap peripherals

Supports ‘Lightgun’ (NAMCO GunCon/G-Con 45, Konami Justifier as well as third-party variant) peripherals

Supports third-party’ Steering Wheels’ and the ‘NAMCO NeGcon’ peripherals

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