The Ultimate PlayStation 1 Flash Cartridge


  • Connects to the 'Parallel I/O' port on your PlayStation 1 console
  • Play games on your original console from an SD Card
  • Retains the original CD-ROM drive

The Ultimate PlayStation 1 Flash Cartridge

You've never played PlayStation 1 like this before

Adiós CD-ROM

Every single game now runs from an SD Card directly on your PlayStation 1 rendering the original drive optional


Each cartridge utilises the best digital circuitry with a dedicated Microcontroller and Field Programmable Gate Array


You can easily transfer ownership of your cartridge to a new owner

Firmware Updates

Each new update we release typically adds new features, improvements and fixes issues that you can also help find and submit to us


We have a strong community with plenty of other users who share the same passion who are also ready to help you if you have an issue

Assembled using high quality components

High Quality & Professionally Built

We have spent thousands of hours designing and refining PSIO to bring the highest quality flash cartridge to the consumer market for the PlayStation 1, specifically tailored to revive and keep your nostalgia flowing for years to come

Written in C and MIPS assembler specially for the PlayStation 1

A Refined and Sophisticated Menu System

Polished User Interface

Simple Game Selection

Fully Customisable

Title Search Functionality

A well thought out, cleanly designed Menu System with plenty of features, customisable options for the end user to enjoy and a bold aesthetic design

Your hardware ~ Your peripherals ~ Your device ~ Your games

One Cartridge To Rule Them All

Hardware Emulation

Keep your CD-ROM Drive

Easiest Installation on the Market

Use on more than one console

PSIO is a hardware emulator of the CD-ROM sub-system and it was designed to keep your PlayStation as factory as possible.

Unlike other devices on the market, PSIO can be unplugged and modifications to your PlayStation circuit board to get PSIO to function are much simpler. In case you also want to play from discs, your original CD-ROM drive will still be present and will still function exactly the same

Authorised Distributors

We partnered with some of the best video game resellers who proudly also sell our device

Stone Age Gamer (USA)

PowrUp Gaming (USA)

Retro Modding (USA)

Product Reviews

My Life in Gaming


"PSIO is certainly a marvel. An attractive polished product with excellent presentation. A device unlike any other that anyone else has yet taken the investment of time, effort and money to engineer for one of the most successful video game systems in history."

Retro Man Cave


"This device really does show the maturity of a product that's been in ten years of development. It has a lovely injection moulded case and packaging that looks like it could have some straight out of a Sony factory. I really think it is a must have for any gamer or homebrew developer."

Metal Jesus Rocks


"Plays a ton of games off of an SD Card and it works with your original video cables. For me, that means I can still benefit from playing those awesome Lightgun games. PSIO runs all regions and playing backups like this is really nice."

Ready to return back to PlayStation 1?

If you're still not convinced about PSIO, check out some videos and reviews from others who have ordered our product

Extended Support &

Readily Available Information

Along with our Atlassian Service Management ticketing system to assist you when you have problems, we also have for our customers an Atlassian Jira bug reporting system, dedicated forums with hundreds of other users to help you find the answers you need and a dedicated Discord server

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