PSIO began as a concept in August 2010. During that time, research and development was carried out and after deciding whether or not it was feasible to continue with the project, work commenced in late 2012 where we had managed to then make the first prototype. It took many revisions until the end product was developed and was finally shipped to users in 2015.

Here are just a few of the several revisions we went through. Everything was hand soldered from scratch with component and equipment funding coming from our own private funds and also from our generous supporters.

The Menu System did not start development until 2013, but it too went through many revisions. The end result was a Menu System that has high functionality whilst still containing an early nineties embellishment that ties in well with the PlayStation aesthetics.

The Menu System was programmed from scratch in the C programming language (with some specialised routines written in MIPS assembler for speed and size efficiency) and it consists of over 60,000 lines of code.

The idea behind PSIO is simple. It’s a flash cartridge that offers high-speed software booting capabilities over the old and generic CD-ROM assembly. This means that software may be loaded via an SD Card, or by the built in USB port on PSIO directly.

The final outcome from thousands of hours of work resulted in avoiding issues such as skipping and or freezing of software on the console itself due to old failing disc drives.


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By running our hardware on your PlayStation, you agree to our Terms and Conditions and you agree that PSIO is a development tool and as such, it is solely intended for use only as a developers tool. PSIO is in no way a modchip, modcard or add-on device which bypasses or circumvents the internal security of the PlayStation system hardware or software implemented by Sony in any shape or form whatsoever. Copied CD-R discs are prohibited from booting via the PlayStation CD-ROM drive by PSIO and you must use original genuinely pressed 'black' CD-ROM's from Sony in your disc drive. For legal information about the use of the copyrighted word “PSIO”, please read our FAQ.

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Cybdyn Systems:

We are a manufacturer and distributor of extremely high quality, well polished and profoundly engineered consumer electronics and software located in Australia. We hold a reputation for being a friendly and diverse company so if you have any problems with any of our products or have any issues regarding your device, please feel free to contact us directly and we will work with you to solve the problem. When we are not busy, we usually reply within several hours. During intense work load seasons, the timeframe however can reach several days until a response is issued.

Since 2015 (when we first started shipping to our donators to test PSIO in a closed BETA), genuine PSIO Cartridges sold and shipped by Cybdyn Systems as well as by our genuine wholesalers have always been proudly hand assembled in Sydney, Australia and have reached almost every major continent in the world.

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