Game Compatibility

We use Atlassian Jira bug reporting software to keep track of all problems related to PSIO.

The list of outstanding as well as completed issues may be seen below.

If you have a problem with a game or generic issue in relation to PSIO, please report it here

'Unresolved' or 'In Progress' Issues

Showing the latest 5 out of 5 total reports

CSGC-145Gokujou Parodius Da! Deluxe Pack [NTSC-J]MattMatt2024-05-08In Progress
CSGC-141Hercules [PAL & NTSC]MattMatt2020-07-31In Review
CSGC-119Team Losi RC Racer [NTSC-U/C] | Buggy [PAL]YuriMatt2019-04-18To Do
CSGC-105Wipeout XL [NTSC-U/C]MattYuri2018-03-01In Review
CSGC-77Vib Ribbon [PAL + NTSC-J]MattMatt2016-12-13In Review

'Resolved' or 'Done' Issues

Showing the latest 15 out of 128 total reports

CSGC-146Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee [NTSC]MattMatt2024-05-21Done
CSGC-144Abalaburn [NTSC-J]MattMatt2021-08-20Done
CSGC-143Croc 2 [NTSC]MattMatt2020-10-25Done
CSGC-142Fantastic Pinball [NTSC-J]MattMatt2020-10-12Done
CSGC-140South Park Rally [PAL & NTSC]MattMatt2020-07-31Done
CSGC-139Chicken Run [PAL]MattMatt2020-07-15Done
CSGC-138Road & Track Presents: The Need for Speed [NTSC + PAL]MattMatt2020-07-15Done
CSGC-137Sensible Soccer [PAL]MattMatt2020-07-10Done
CSGC-136Grind Session [NTSC]MattMatt2020-07-01Done
CSGC-135Vandal Hearts II [NTSC-U/C]MattMatt2020-06-05Done
CSGC-134Tetris with Card Captor Sakura - Eternal Heart [NTSC-J]MattMatt2020-02-20Done
CSGC-133Resident Evil 2 [NTSC + PAL]MattYuri2019-09-03Done
CSGC-132Toshinden Subaru [NTSC-J]MattYuri2019-09-02Done
CSGC-130Tekken 3 [NTSC-U/C]MattMatt2019-08-20Done
CSGC-129Gamera 2000 [NTSC-J]MattYuri2019-05-21Done

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