Mainboard Modification Service

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Out of stock

Cybdyn Systems have stopped accepting mainboards until further notice

However, we know of three reputable companies who can also help get the job done for you 😄


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What's Included?
  • A Switch Board is professionally soldered and installed on your mainboard
  • We include a label for you to adhere to your PlayStation console
  • Testing of full "CD-ROM" functionality is carried out
  • Testing of PSIO ("Parallel Port I/O") functionality is carried out
Shipping Information
Shipping Weight

0.30 kg (300 grams)

Shipping Dimensions

185 × 215 × 40 mm

Shipping Box Colour


Product Materials

Shipping package is cardboard (100% recyclable) with bubble wrap (reusable)

Your mainboard is sealed in an anti-static bag (reusable)

Product Origin

Modified in Australia

Additional Information
  • Do not send "PSone" mainboards since PSIO doesn't work with them
  • A "QC" label is fixed to the underside of your mainboard upon successful testing of the "CD-ROM" and "Parallel Port I/O" functionality (we will email you if we find any problems during the testing stage however)
  • We solder green Kynar wire for the Switch Board installation (not red as seen in the example photo).

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