News | 2022

20/SEPTEMBER/2022 – A new website update has been in development which we plan to launch soon along with the new firmware. It will feature the ability to (finally) transfer licenses and ownership of PSIO Cartridges to other users and to also request ownership transferring from existing account holders should you have bought a second hand unit and not know the account holder information. In the worst case scenario however where both events have failed, you will be able to purchase a new license.

17/SEPTEMBER/2022 – We’re looking into an alternative solution to continue production of PSIO Cartridges. We anticipate the new stock to be available again in approximately 3-5 months time.

19/AUGUST/2022 – We have been getting a lot of emails and messages asking where is the new PSIO update. Well, it is in development and here is a list of current changes/fixes. As for an ETA, we can’t provide one at this time but it will be before the end of the year.

16/MAY/2022 – We are looking for Chinese wholesalers who can sell genuine PSIO Cartridges in China. If you have a popular gaming store or business in China and would like to become a partner with us, please get in touch by contacting us through the Service Desk.

07/MARCH/2022 – We have been unable to manufacture PSIO dues to the FPGA we use now costing $480 per unit which has rendered the current revision of PSIO not manufacturable until further notice.

23/JANUARY/2022 – We have stopped taking backorders for PSIO Cartridges until we can recover our stock levels. This is due to the silicon ship shortage that is still ongoing. Once we have managed to recover stock levels, we will resume sales. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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