News | 2021

28/DECEMBER/2021 – We apologise for the lack of updates regarding the shipment of orders. We are running behind again on getting them out due to the chip shortage. We will resume shipments of PSIO Cartridges shortly. Thank you to everyone for your patience. We greatly appreciate it!

The next answer the top most asked question is we plan to have the new firmware update out in late Q1 of 2022.

24/SEPTEMBER/2021 – We are running behind on backorders again. We plan to have them all shipped by this week however.

23/AUGUST/2021 – All orders have been shipped. Thank you very much for your patience. We will shortly start to have stock on hand again which will be ready to ship without backorders taking place.

02/AUGUST/2021 – Orders have started shipping! We expect to have them all shipped by the end of this week. Thank you for your patience.

We are running behind on the Service Desk tickets. We will answer them throughout the week as we proceed with the shipments.

04/JULY/2021 – We are running behind on shipping orders again. We are working hard to get them shipped as soon as possible.

Checkout security increased to avoid spambot/flooding attacks.

03/MAY/2021 – Credit/Debit Card payments are now working again and are processed by ANZ eGate. We do need to write some PHP code to support the previous HTML5 card animation we were using on our old plugin, but that will be done at a later date.

We are running behind on shipping the outstanding orders. We plan to have them processed and shipped by this week.

30/APRIL/2021 – Credit/Debit Card payments are currently not working due to the previous news mentioned on the 16th of April 2021. We are still waiting to hear back from ANZ regarding our application. Once we have been approved, we will begin work on the plugin so we can accept card payments again.

18/APRIL/2021 – We have been getting a lot of questions as per why there haven’t been any updates for PSIO Cartridges. The reason is we are working hard on a major revision which will add SD Card write support and a highly improved USB protocol which will enable the use of debugging within the Systems Console (of which is getting a major update as well). Currently PSIO is pretty damn accurate, but we have also been working on a HC05 FPGA core which will (in theory) give PSIO low level accuracy instead of high level emulation accuracy. We don’t have an estimated time for this new firmware, but as soon as we are ready to release it, we’ll be sure to share a message right here on the new page with all of you (as well as in the correct dedicated topic on our Forums).

16/APRIL/2021 – After 5 years of loyal service, our payment gateway (SqID Payments) who handled all Credit/Debit Card transactions will sadly be shutting down on the 30th of April 2021. We’d like to thank them for providing many years of continuous operation and (namely Peter) giving our start-up business a ‘shot in the dark’ with no prior sales history. We have since begun working effective immediately on an ANZ (Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited) application and plugin so we can avoid downtime, continue to sell PSIO Cartridges and gracefully accept Credit/Debit Card payments from customers once again. Any news regarding the migration to the new platform will be shared here to keep everyone informed on the process.

29/MARCH/2021 – Systems Manual Revision 3.3 has been released.

25/MARCH/2021 – Fixed a major bug with our payment gateway processor for Credit/Debit Cards where if no ‘State / County’ was set on checkout, the payment would simply fail with no descriptive information about the failed payment error. If you were having trouble purchasing from us by your Credit/Debit Card, please try again as the problem should now be resolved. Thanks to ‘Marco’ for reporting this problem as we had no idea about it and the bug seems to have gone unnoticed for few years.

JIRA Service Management went down for just over an hour today as the SSL certificate expired. After requesting some new certificates and setting them up on the server, all services are back online and are operational again.

23/MARCH/2021 – We are working hard on designing a new cartridge registration system which will make it easier to download firmwares as well as make it easier to register second hand cartridges if you do not know the credentials. We expect this new system to be available by this year sometime. It’s a complex system to design and test, but progress is being made.

22/MARCH/2021 – We now accept Bitcoin payments!

14/MARCH/2021 – We are looking at adding full support for Bitcoin payments. We will let you know once we decide to add it or not.

03/MARCH/2021 – We have resolved a problem with the FedEx rates upon checkout. We can now offer FedEx International Priority shipping instead of DHL at a much better price than before.

26/FEBRUARY/2021 – We have finally managed to catch up on the damage COVID-19 caused our business last year. We are happy to say that PSIO Cartridges have been pre-assembled, are back in stock and are available for instant shipment.

We are running behind on Service Desk tickets. Please bear with us whilst we get through them all.

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