License Ownership and Transfers

Genuine owners of PSIO Cartridges now retain personal ownership of their device and are in complete control of it. By logging into your account on this website and using our registration system, individuals can register and download firmwares including the latest BETA updates. Transferring ownership to a new owner is also possible from within your account.

If you're not a wholesaler and don't have ownership, you will need to transfer ownership from the existing PSIO account holder. A transfer incurs a small cost ($14.95 AUD or approximately $10 USD) in order to transfer, create a new account and process it through our system. The new owner is the one who has to pay the transfer cost.

If you purchased from one of our genuine wholesalers however, you can ask them to transfer ownership to you. This incurs no cost as wholesaler transfers are free. If you purchased from Stone Age Gamer, you can actually request a transfer here using their automated script. For other wholesalers, you will nee to contact them a request a transfer (proof of purchase and ownership is also required).

We understand that not everyone will be on-board with paying to transfer ownership from a second hand unit that they have already purchased, but it's to protect the transfer system from being abused and to process the account handover. Don't see the transfer payment as a fee, but rather think of the transfer payment as support towards our business and to gain access to your very own brand new account which you will be in control of.

If you do not have an account with us, you must contact the original owner and request them to transfer ownership to you. You cannot buy something from our store to get an account (this will not work). You need to own a genuine unit and then transfer ownership from a genuine owner.

If you do not know the original owners email address in order to contact them, you may request us to do so on your behalf only if the cartridge is still unregistered and you have provided proof including the original owners Email Address, Order ID and Serial Number. If the original owner ignores all requests, you can request to purchase a new license from us.

By default, all accounts are set to opt-in for transfer communications and at this time, the setting cannot be changed until further notice.

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