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Until our new update is released, you can download the required as well as important files for your PSIO Cartridge below

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Menu System / Firmwares
Last Updated: 16/DECEMBER/2020

To download the Menu System & see the recovery firmware for your PSIO Cartridge, please enter your account Email Address, Order ID and Serial Number. Note that all fields are case sensitive and must be entered in lower-case formatting.

Since this system has been migrated from our old site (and will soon be obsolete), if there are any problems with the downloader please be sure to contact us and let us know.

If you have an Order ID beginning with #CS, you will need to find and enter the raw Order ID.
To find it, please go to 'My Account' and then 'Orders'.

When you then hover your mouse over an order, you will see a series of numbers.
This is the raw Order ID you must then enter below.

For example, if I right click on #CS54321A, I get 'https://psio.cybdyn-systems.com.au/my-account/view-order/12345/'
'12345' would then be my raw Order ID to enter below.

Where can I find my Serial Number?
Purchased a second hand cartridge?

Switch Board Installation Guides
Last Updated: 04/DECEMBER/2018

PU-711.9 MBPlayStation Mainboard Model PU-7[R1.0]DOWNLOAD
PU-812.5 MBPlayStation Mainboard Model PU-8[R1.5]DOWNLOAD
PU-1817.1 MBPlayStation Mainboard Model PU-18[R1.3]DOWNLOAD
PU-207.54 MBPlayStation Mainboard Model PU-20[R1.2]DOWNLOAD
PU-2273.4 MBPlayStation Mainboard Model PU-22[R1.3]DOWNLOAD

Last Updated: 09/FEBRUARY/2020

Systems Console1.18 MBSystems Console for Windows (32 & 64-bit)[V2.8]DOWNLOAD

Last Updated: 29/MARCH/2021

Systems Manual2.20 MBThe PSIO Systems Manual[R3.3]DOWNLOAD
Quick Start Guide114 KBThe PSIO Quick Start Guide[R1.1]DOWNLOAD

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