Cybdyn Systems and the Environment

As you know, climate change is a major factor we are being faced with. That's why here at Cybdyn Systems when we design and make our products, we attempt to ensure that the parts that we use are able to be recycled with minimal to no impact on the environment.

All PSIO Cartridges are shipped in a cardboard box which is 100% recyclable. Inside the shipping box is the actual PSIO unit which is also housed in a coloured recyclable cardboard box. It is highly advised to remove all shipping labels and plastic tape before recycling this so only the cardboard remains.

Inside that is the PET plastic housing which frames the cartridge itself. This PET is also recyclable, but it is advised to keep it (along with the coloured cardboard box) since it can also be used to clip in and house your PlayStation Parallel Port cover and protect your cartridge when not in use. With that said, PET is the same plastic material which is used for plastic drink bottles such as Coke Cola or packages that fruits are transported in (such as strawberries or raspberries) so it can be thrown into your generic recycle bin from your household.

When PSIO is shipped, the overall product is protected in foam padding. This foam is unfortunately made from EPE (Expanded Polystyrene) and sadly is not able to be recycled easily (it must be taken to a special recycling facility) nor is it biodegradable. We recommend that you reuse this foam in creative ways, such as reusing it for shipping items you sell online to other people or to keep it in the garage to use as a storage container to keep miscellaneous nuts and bolts in. We plan to in 2023 stop using EPE and instead have replaced it with a moulded cardboard insert which is 100% recyclable and much safer for the environment.

Like all electronics which have plastic shells/cases, PSIO itself is made up of ABS plastic which 'clips' together (there are no screws). The product code that is imprinted on the inside of our plastic shells for PSIO are "PPCT ABS" (for the front half) and "PPCB ABS" (for the back half). ABS is able to be recycled, but it must be taken to a special recycling facility where it is shredded into pellets which can later be melted down and reused to make other items.

The PCB (Printed Circuit Board) which PSIO is made from contains leaded solder (since this assists with the longevity of the product to make sure the product lasts many years since non-leaded solder can cause more problems resulting in more failures and more electronic waste). This PCB can be recycled by electronic waste (also known as E-Waste recycling) facilities. The PCB is usually melted down at high temperatures and the precious metals are recovered and reused. The 'slag' or burnt plastic from the IC's (Integrated Circuits) is generally scrapped.

The Parallel Port on PSIO is also able to be recycled by an electronics waste facility. The Glass-Filled Nylon can be melted down and scrapped (also turns to slag), but the precious metals from the pins inside are reused (just like the PCB).

Overall, PSIO wasn't designed to be a disposable product, but we have tried our best to ensure that the product itself and how the product is made is done with minimal impact to the environment. PSIO was designed in mind to last for many decades and to provide many more decades of fun from the original PlayStation console resulting in less PlayStation's either thrown into landfill or recycled due to failed CD-ROM mechanics.

If you have any suggestions or questions regarding our methods, you can always contact us since we'd be open to them and any improvements you might recommend.

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