Kynar Wire

AUD $4.49

In stock (can be backordered)

In stock (can be backordered)

By popular demand, you can now purchase our extremely high quality Kynar wire for use on additional Switch Board installs or for your own personal projects. This wire is very different from the typical Kynar wire that one would purchase elsewhere as ours has a thicker core and higher quality sheath. A lot of modders prefer using our variant when doing installs or mods to their hardware.

For reference, the second photo is a macro shot of the exposed core with a ballpoint pen in the shot against a white sheet of paper.

Each order is for 100 Centimetres (3.28 Feet) of wire

Order more pieces to increase the length (IE: 2 PCS x 100 CM = 200 CM)

An entire spool can be purchased for $84.95 AUD (as pictured) which is 200 Meters (656 Feet). Please contact us if you would like to order a spool

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Shipping Information
Shipping Weight

0.17 kg (170 grams)

Shipping Dimensions

180 × 130 × 30 mm

Shipping Box Colour


Product Materials

Shipping package is cardboard (100% recyclable) with a yellow padded bag (not reusable & only if not shipped as a spool)

Product Origin

Packaged in Australia

Detailed Information
  • Wire: Kynar, Green, 28 AWG, Single Core, Silver Plated Copper

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